Thursday, June 17, 2010

comics for the week of 06/16/10.

Nothing to report other than there's nothing to report.

Fables 96 - It feels like the story of Rose Red and Snow White's childhood is finally picking up steam. Fables in consistently great, but I'll be honest when I say that I haven't really been feeling this arc. Too much ground to cover and it felt like it was going to have little to no payoff. However, with this issue, both of those began to change, at least a little bit. We see some background on Snow and Rose's mother, and the relationship that she had with the ruler(s) of the kingdom. We see some more of the magical power of promises and we see Snow White growing up - this entails both good things (she gets to marry a prince, as we knew she would) and bad (she encounters the seven dwarfs and Willingham and Buckingham change them drastically from the Disney version). We also see some great hints at storylines, with all the magic that passes up Rose during this time. (The turtle was my favorite.) The issue ends on a great note, but not one that we didn't know was coming.

New Avengers 1 - This issue, on the other hand, didn't need much running room to pick up speed. We have a whole bunch of things going on in here, including Wolverine with a great sidenote about how he's on the X-Men, the other Avengers team, and this one. It's a nice nod to the reader. I didn't think I was going to buy this book, but at this point, with Doctor Strange taking a prominent role, Doctor Voodoo getting his due (no pun intended) here and seemingly nowhere else (I don't believe he's dead for half a second), it looks like I might drop the regular Avengers book and just roll with this one. I love Luke Cage, I need my Spider-Man fix, as I haven't read Amazing since One More Day, and I'm intrigued by the Thing being a part of this group. I'm glad that Bendis isn't just abandoning these changes that he brought to characters, dumping them on another writer. It feels like this book will have a lot of his personality, and it'll work well. Mockingbird and Hawkeye can't be ignored, either. A solid debut issue that sold me on at least buying the first arc.

No matter how impressive the House of Ideas is, the book of the week has to go to Fables. I'm feeling like this Rose and Snow arc is maybe just a stopgap before some intense buildup to 100, but even if it's not, the book continues to impress with every single page.

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