Friday, June 4, 2010

comics for the week of 06/02/10.

Surprisingly great for such a short stack.

Invincible 72 - The Viltrumite War continues! And man, it's good. We have the return of Conquest, which we saw at the end of last issue, and he and Invincible have quite the fight. It's amazing to see. Nolan and Allen have great bit parts, but Oliver continues to annoy in a troubling way. It's not just that he's annoying in a little brother manner, it's that I think Kirkman is setting him up to be a bad guy later. I don't think that takes a lot of deep analysis to see that, but I'm still troubled by it. I'm interested to see if we're going to get any glimpses of what's going on back on Earth while all this is going to be happening in space. Invincible continues to be a great superhero comic book.

Red Hood - The Lost Days 1 (of 6) - Winnick writes what seems to me like one of his favorite characters - Jason Todd. Although, to be fair, in this issue, it certainly seems like we get way more out of Talia than we do out of Jason, for reasons that are pretty explicitly spelled out - nothing wrong with that. I don't know if they've talked about this chapter of Jason's life (different word?) up to this point, or if this is a fresh revelation - the presence of the Al Ghul's - but it feels great. It feels natural, it feels mysterious in a good way, and the characterization of Ra's and his daughter is spot on. I'm curious to see where this is going, not least of all because Jason was such a great character and his resurrection was handled so great, but then, in the last few years and arcs, he's just been massacred completely. I'm hoping that this is the first step to getting him back on the road to being what he had the promise of being.

The Spectacular Spider-Girl 2 (of 4) - The Punisher storyline continues to be just all right, but the book has that great Spider-Man feel. The interaction between April and May (did I seriously just get that for the first time?) is great, and I love the fact that May has a real supporting cast. This book honestly feels like the Spider-Man books that I used to read when I was a lot younger, which is a huge compliment, in my mind. To be fair, though, we're taking quite a while to ramp up the action and if next issue isn't jam-packed, I'm going to worry that they're going to have too much to take care of in just the one issue that'll be left. I really wish Spider-Girl was still an ongoing book, because I'd love to get this kind of flavor every month.

Book of the week goes to Invincible, not just because of the fight but because, month in and month out, this book is good. That takes serious work and Kirkman and Co. should be congratulated.

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