Wednesday, June 2, 2010

comics for the week of 05/26/10.

Again, I know this is late, and I know that it's minimal. That's OK?

Green Lantern 54 - A great piece with Sinestro, Carol and Hal talking about the White Lantern as the sword in the stone (which Sinestro doesn't understand) and then we get a flash of all the people the White Lantern brought back, followed by a glimpse at all the avatars as well as the names of the ones we hadn't known yet. The section with Sodam Yat was confusing to me, because, technically, he should be dead once the uber-Guardian took the Ion entity away, right? Lead poisoning, not to mention being in the middle of a sun? But, instead, he's just dropped down to the planet, which looks to be in big trouble now that the sun has changed back. That's going to be an issue. And last but not least, we have the end of the issue which continues the brief intro from the beginning with Atrocitus, who's searching for the entities. He sees them on a map, with locations that have probably already been surmised by people on the Internet who care way more than me, and then he meets up with Hal, Carol, and Sinestro, who are all going to (apparently) go on this search for the entities. (But not before a bizarro appearance by Lobo, which promises to waste some time.) The only thing about this is...well, Atrocitus is supposed to be on Ysmault (see the GLC review below) and hopping around with Guy and Ganthet. What's the deal with the lack of communication between the two books? Overall, though, obviously a good book, with Johns at the helm not much can go wrong and Mahnke continues to be the exact right penciller for this book.

Green Lantern Corps 48 - On the other hand, this book was all over the place. We start with the meeting that we've already seen, then Ganthet goes to quit the Guardians, we get a cool sequence of him making his own ring, but then we spend some time on the Alpha Lanterns, whom I've never cared about, and they're working with John Stewart, whom I care even less about. This book seems destined to get better, it's got a great cast, but right now it's floundering. They need to decided who they want to focus on, what Ganthet's role is going to be, and do a better job of evening out the storylines. I'm thinking that issue 50 will jumpstart the Emerald Warriors book, and maybe some of the characters in here will jump over there, giving the writers a little less to work with, which will probably be a good thing. Here's to hoping.

Book of the week goes to Green Lantern, which continues to dominate the central storytelling of Geoff Johns' DC Universe experiment. If he can run the whole universe out of this book, why shouldn't he? He's done a great job so far.

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