Wednesday, April 14, 2010

unsung player day!

Today is Unsung Player Day! In the NBA, we have superstars, we have role players, and we have...the other guys. The unsung players. The ones who get very little love, who play few minutes. The ones who, maybe, just maybe, could be replaced by a D-League player, and every once in a while, you'd get an improvement. But we don't want to replace them! We love them! And for me, for a variety of reasons, that player is Adam Morrison.

I know what you're thinking: Ammo's a waste, a wash, he's only famous for his mustache. Well, that and Halo Wars and leading the nation in scoring. Oh, crying. (He even made a meta commercial about it.)

But it goes deeper than that. Adam Morrison played at Gonzaga, where I went to college. He gave a controversial interview in Sports Illustrated. He is a role model. And, I mean hell, he's living the dream! He gets to sit the bench for the Lakers. He's got a championship ring! (Think about that for a little while. Try not to get depressed.)

Morrison's only playing 7.5 minutes per game for the Lakers, and they're mostly all meaningless minutes, but to me, that's perfect. I never thought he was going to be a great pro-level talent, despite all the great flashes he showed in college. On the Lakers, he gets to absorb some great teachings and teachers, he gets to be around the game that he clearly loves so much, and he doesn't have to worry too much about living up the to hype of being the number three pick in the draft. He might not contribute much to the team on the court, but I love being able to look to the bench and see him there.

As a postscript, I feel it's worth mentioning that my love for GU players in the league wanted me to pick Ronny, but his minutes have bumped way past the buffer since he took the money from Golden State and ran. Good for him.

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