Tuesday, April 20, 2010

taking names.

This weekend, Kick-Ass came out, and it got a lot of press. I mean, a whole lot. I'm honestly not that interested in talking about what Ebert said, what he knows about, or any other ridiculous shit, because, well, it's been covered to death other places way better than I would be able to do, even if I did care.

What I will say is that it was an awesome movie. Comic book to death, true to its roots, funny as hell and violent as all get out. The best things about it were its under-utilization of Nicholas Cage (he of the can't-say-no-to-comic-book-movies variety), its relentless treatment of the concept (way to go full hog with it!), and the relatively small, but pretty significant change that was made (it was the right decision for Hollywood).

The concept of, "What if somebody actually did this in the real world?" is one that's honestly worth exploring, and though this isn't the only way to do so, I think it's cool that Millar and Romita did so on their own terms. The comic itself suffered because of this transition to the format of film, but it was worth it in the end, because the books still stand on their own, and the movie is a great one.

The only beef that I'll actually register with the movie has almost nothing to do with the movie itself, but the soundtrack was just...weird. It wasn't bad, it was just strangely out of place at times and in places.

Just like with the comic, great things about the movie were the so-obvious setting up of the sequel, the gratuitous use of cursing (I say good for the little girl!) and the real-world dialogue. When Dave suggests that someone become a hero in real life, his friends call him a fucking retard, just like real comic book geeks would talk to each other. It's not politically correct, and it's not nice, but if you thought that's what you were going to get when you walked into this movie, you didn't bother to even look at the previews.

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