Thursday, April 22, 2010

comics for the week of 4-21-10.

Man. I'm a bad comic book fan. I only bought two books this week, and that ways only because I felt like a wanker going to the register with only one. To be fair, I wanted to buy SHIELD 1 but my LCS said it was sold out! I should have gotten it earlier. So, yeah...only two.

Green Lantern 53 - Easily the best book of the week. Great previews for a whole bunch of storylines, while not necessarily sacrificing anything of its own, having a cohesive storyline running through the whole book - this book proves (if it hadn't already been proved to you!) that Geoff Johns is a master of the craft and that he knows exactly what he's doing. The highlights include the Hammond nonsense, the Sinestro dialogue (do we sense jealousy about the White Lantern?) and the super-intriguing almost-intro, where we see 2001-like obelisks with the symbols of all the different Corps.

Powers 4 - I know; I said I was dropping this book. And I meant to. But. I only had GL walking up to the register, and I just wasn't willing to be that guy. When I read the book, though, I was actually glad that I'd bought it, because this book seems to finish up (the first part of) the Broglia storyline that was reaching back to Vegas and the 50s/60s and had bored me so much into dropping the book. I'm happy to have it (semi-) finished, so that I won't have any threads (really) hanging when I truly drop the book. I leave all these parenthetical statements, obviously, because nothing is ever truly done in comics, it's serial storytelling, so there were plenty of hints dropped about possible future storylines. I just don't care about any of them.

Green Lantern gets the easy call for book of the week. Johns rules, if you're not reading GL, you're a fool.

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