Thursday, April 8, 2010

comics for the week of 4-07-10.

A couple more books this week, with some really good ones, and a huge disappointment.

Batman and Robin 11 - The Return of Bruce Wayne continues! one should really care. I mean, Bruce coming back is a huge deal, just feels like he hasn't even been gone. Final Crisis was...ugh, and then it kind of seemed like the only reason it even existed was to kill Bruce, which was something Morrison had never mentioned (never intended?) and Bruce was clearly never dead anyway, so then the story became...nothing. There is no story. He's traveling through time. We think. Really? I don't care about this at all. Dick is Batman now and it's awesome and it's what it should be, and Bruce coming back is just going to add another uninteresting, unwanted layer to what should be a simple treat. Oberon is (in a silly way) an interesting character, but if we have the typical Morrison story where it's so obvious that he's Bruce and then it turns out he might not be and then he is, I'm going to be pissed.

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer 34 - Wow. So good that I had to read it twice. Before I read any other books. Buffy is just such a damn cool story, I love Angel, I love Buffy, and, of course, I love all the other characters. (Everyone does, right?) This storyline, though, is getting weird. A whole lot of sex in this issue made for an energetic time reading, but beside that, I'm curious what's going on with Angel. Is he really a good guy? I don't get it. Giles seems so freaked out by the concept of Twilight (and the old-timey Watchers committed mass suicide!) but Angel seems psyched at the end to see that they' Twilight. I don't get it, but I love it, and I'm confident that it's going to a great place.

The Flash 1 - On the other hand, this book was a trick! Manapul's name is on the cover, he did all the preview art, he did the cover and he does a few of the Flash Facts in the back, but he's not the artist! What the hell? Why can't he draw Adventure Comics, then? While Kollins is a fine artist, he's not what I was expecting, nor what I wanted. I didn't even want to buy this book, but I told myself I had to, since Johns was writing it and Manapul was drawing it. Since Manapul's not drawing it, I'll be saving some money; no way am I buying any more issues of this.

Invincible Returns 1 - Kirkman knows drama. Great book, it's been on a consistent build since I can't even say when and now we're going to get to the real stuff. Mark's going off-planet, Conquest has been sent out to stop Nolan and Allen (too late!) and Eve's left behind, having refused to reveal the baby to Mark. Great, great stuff that I hope continues for as long as possible.

Superman: Secret Origin 5 - Another Johns winner. The art continues to kill, with Christopher Reeve almost looking straight at us off the page, and the story is a fine update. For some reason, with this penultimate issue, some of the urgency seems to have died off. It felt like such a fresh take the first three issues, what with the updates, the Legion, the Luther clues, etc. This wasn't a bad issue by any means, but it lacked some of the pep of the previous ones. Next issue is the conclusion, though, and I expect great things.

All good books this week, no Marvel titles, with Flash being a solid read, just not what I was looking for. Book of the week has to go to Buffy, simply for my love for the franchise and the way it's progressing. What'd I miss?

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Mindy Crouchley said...

Damn - you are too far ahead of me in the Buffy series right now. :( Need to play catch-up. Glad you are liking it. What did you think of the Predators and Prey arch?