Friday, April 2, 2010

comics for the week of 3-31-10.

Only three again this week.

Blackest Night 8 - The book I've been waiting for since the event started. It was better than we even had a right to expect, after all the recent lackluster conclusions. The four-page spread was epic, as it was designed to be, and the entire book had a feeling to it that it was just right. Everything that happened felt good and like it was supposed to happen. The returns of the ones who returned (both good and bad) felt perfect, and the ones who didn't return really shouldn't have. It was good. The ending, while appropriate (I suppose that's the word) felt a little forced with the connection to the other storyline that Johns isn't in charge of, but I guess that's him being a good team player. If they had to have a White Lantern Corps, it was done as well as it could have been, with a minimal amount of cheese. I'll be interested to go back and read the whole thing as one installment and see if it holds up as well as it is now in my memory.

The Sword 23 - Speaking of endings, this one's building beautifully! The Luna Brothers do great work and, even though I thought that Girls got a bit derailed by just being weird at one point, this one is turning out to be their greatest work. It's clearly derivative, but in that way where it doesn't matter at all. This is an example of homage as the greatest tribute. Sure it's a classic-style story, sure there are familiar elements, but none of that matters, because the book is so well-done and it's not like they're trying to camouflage their intents. The second-to-last book here has a twist that I never saw coming, and I'm left salivating over the fact that they now only have one issue left to wrap this mess up. This has been a great book and will be a great finish.

X-Men: Second Coming 1 - I was talked into getting this book by my guy at the local comic book store, and by all the good things all my friends have said about how the X-Men have been great lately. And after reading the book, I can say that it was definitely good. But I don't feel the need to follow the storyline, nor will I be buying all the tie-in books (13 chapters?!) that run through the various X books. I'll probably pick up the last chapter (X-Men Second Coming 2? Something like that...) and I'll keep track of the storyline, either by Byrne-stealing the books, or just be chatting with friends. It's interesting, but I just can't feel myself being deep-hooked into the X-mythos again.

LCS claimed X-Men was the book of the week, Blackest Night clearly wanted to be, but I think I might have to give it to The Sword. Not a bad week, even if there were only three books, and if all three were up in contention for the best, then I think comics in general are in good shape.

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