Thursday, April 29, 2010

comics for the week of 04/28/10.

Wasn't Brightest Day 1 supposed to drop this week?

Here's the stack:

Captain America 605 - I don't know how it happened that I bought more Marvel titles than DC this week, but this will probably be the last time it ever happens, because I'm finally dropping Cap. After successfully bringing back Bucky and killing Cap, Brubaker has finally lost me upon bringing back not only Steve Rogers, but a clone of him. I just don't care. This book no longer has the feel of something that's been plotted long-term (as it did when it was relaunched) nor does it have the immediate intrigue (as it did when Bucky was waffling with his decision) - it's just another Cap book. Captain America's never been that interesting to me, but Bru had done a good job making me care about the humans that occupied the book, until this point. Now, when I look at Bucky in the uniform, all I see is the stale, old character: Captain America.

Green Lantern Corps 47 - Good issue, but it had me wondering about the scene with Guy and Ganthet and Atrocitus on Ysmalt in Green Lantern 53. I like the fact that Guy and Hal and Arisia go to see the Guardians in much the same way that Hal and Sinestro used to, and I guess I like the fact that the Guardians repealed the third law. But it felt...unnatural. The Guardians aren't supposed to cave to that pressure, especially when caving is the right thing to do, because the Guardians are supposed to be aloof. I loved the fact that name called it a War of Light when we all know that's not what it was and that that's still upcoming. I'm not sure I'll stick on this book when Emerald Warriors comes out, mainly because I hopped on for the pre-Blackest Night stuff, and I just don't care about the Corps all that much. I'm a fan of the individual lanterns (Kyle, Hal, and Guy, probably in that order, and not Jon at all) but don't care so much for the space stories. Plus, I don't care about Kyle's relationship with his doctor-friend nearly as much as I do about his relationship with Guy. Hilarious potential there.

Invincible 71 - Finally, the Viltrumite War begins! Not much to say about this issue that hasn't been said about Invincible before: great story, clean pencils, one of the best in the biz. I'm excited for this storyline and definitely think it'll be epic.

New Avengers 64 - Good look at things from the other side. I've known the Hood was an interesting character since his first mini, but they've done an even better job with him since his return. I love the interplay between he and Norman, love the betrayal of Loki, and love the way he and Madam Masque are seeming like a real couple. This book gave me a good insight into Siege and reminded me that the conclusion is coming up and got me even more pumped for it. It also, however, had an ad for the Secret Avengers book, which looks beyond terrible.

Book of the Week? I don't know. Let's give it to Invincible for being consistently awesome even if this issue didn't blow me away. What books did I miss?

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