Thursday, March 25, 2010

comics for the week of 3-24-10.

I only picked up three comics this week, either because I'm dropping out of comics slowly but surely or because there wasn't much good this week.

Captain America 604 - I've actually wanted to drop this book since issue 600 came out. It's not bad, Brubaker's still writing it and I still think he's doing a good job with Bucky, but I find I'm just not interested in the story anymore. But apparently I am, because I still bought it today. I'm hoping that 605 will be the conclusion of this storyline and that I can get out from there. As for the story itself, it was good. I just don't care about any of it.

Green Lantern 52 - Easily the best of the group. I don't honestly even know where to start. Sinestro as the White Lantern from Blackest Night 7 was unexpected and his story continues here and will proceed on to Blackest Night 8, but I hope to God that it doesn't finish there. There's a lot of potential here. The storyline with John and the assembled Corps was the weak link in this book, but it was necessary to bring them back together for the (soon-to-be) epic finish we're in for next week. The tracing of life, the origin of the avatars, the looks at them as they currently are? Incredible! Geoff Johns is a genius and this book is in great hands. Obviously, though, the best part was the shot of the white entity on the last page. This is going to be a monster finish.

New Avengers 63 - Continues to impress me even after I thought that I would definitely drop the book. Bendis is still more than capable of writing a basic tale that fits in the cracks of Siege, and it's clear that his love affair for both Jessica Jones and Luke Cage isn't going anywhere. Oddly enough, it felt like Clint and Bobbi got the short end of the stick in this issue, while Bendis has been clamoring about them the most recently. This is a classic personality issue, where it shows the people behind the masks, and the feelings behind the battles. It was a good one.

That's it for the week. I'll try to make this a recurring theme on here, either on Thursdays or Fridays. What good books did I miss this week?

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Mindy Crouchley said...

I dunno about this week - but I've recently gotten into Spider-Woman by Brian Michale Bendis and picked up issue #1 of American Vampire the week before. Plan on reviewing both next week.

Glad to see you blogging regularly again. Perhaps a trend even after spring break?