Tuesday, February 9, 2010

android: t-mobile versus verizon.

OK. I'm in the market for a new phone. It's been a long time coming and I've spoken about it before, but it's creeping up even closer and I have to start seriously thinking about it. So, for that, as for most things, I need to turn to the wisdom of the Internet.

I currently have an iPhone. I was excited for the Apple press conference because it was rumored to show off the iPhone 4.0 software. It was rumored that we'd hear the iPhone was coming to Verizon. Neither of these things turned out to be true, so now I'm finally going to be free of my AT&T contract, and there will be virtually no chance that I'll resign. I don't care if the 4.0 iPhone does multi-tasking. I don't care that I'd suddenly be able to send and receive picture messages. I don't care about either of these things because no matter what phone I get, I'll grab that functionality. So it's not a pro-iPhone argument.

What I care about is that I refuse to pay AT&T money any longer. So that pretty much rules out the iPhone. (I know I could unlock, but I'm not sure if I'm willing to go through that.) With that in mind, I really do want my next phone to be an Android device. Besides my comfortableness with Google, I think they're pretty good phones in general (but my uncertainty with specifics is the reason behind this post, so...) and I want to support the open system.

That leaves me with a plethora of options, though. I had T-Mobile's service before deserting them and I've heard nothing but good things about Verizon, so I'm open to either providers. None other than Linus Torvalds just recently had good things to say about the Nexus One. I've been drooling over the Motorola Droid since its release. This doesn't even mention the Devour, the MyTouch, the Dragon, the Legend, the Passion, the Incredible and all the other rumored releases that we don't know enough about yet.

In my last post I mentioned that having a physical keyboard was a big sticking point, but the more I've thought about it, the more I've realized two things: I think I'm on the losing side of that battle, and I might as well just concede that battle now and get myself used to a virtual keyboard. (Although the rumors of a Nexus sequel with a hard keyboard kind of make me want to sacrifice everything else.) Two, no physical keyboard is ever going to match up to my Sidekick II, and I'm bound to be disappointed if I try.

Looking back over my past list, it's fascinating to see the way the list of what I"m looking at has changed in a mere six months. And I know that's usually going to be the case. Which is why, as a last note, I'm thinking that I'm eventually going to have to either just pay full price for a phone, avoiding the contract, or settle into the idea of paying Early Termination Fees.

Any ideas from anyone with an Android phone would be welcome, but, of course, I'm more than willing to hear feedback from anyone, regardless of Android ownership.


Mindy Crouchley said...

I hesitate to offer advice, as I am the one who encouraged you to get an iPhone back in the day (but didn't we all believe that would be the best choice?) - but I am an Adroid user (G1) and I have to say that I couldn't be happier.

I like the hard keyboard and having the touch screen. I love the app store - constant updates to the apps. Having Twitter, FB and Google access wherever I go is awesome. AT&T has a data plan that we utilize which tacks on an extra $15 a month, and we have unfettered net access. Which is awesome.

You should chat up my SO on twitter (DanielZRob). He is well versed in the different phone companies and what phones best do what. And he has no love or allegiance to AT&T, even though he works for them. :)

Seriously - he just rattled off a whole bunch of crap when I asked him about whether or not it's open source. Hit him up!

Dan said...

My really quick phone schpeal.

It's all about what you want. No doubt iPhone has the smartphone market by the balls with its great interface and word of mouth, but really where that phone shines is the apps, and that is something you will miss.

Android is really your only other option when you walk away from iPhone and it doesn't get any better than the nexus one, simply put, its a nerdophone.
you will have all the customization and open feel of android with (for the first time) time hardware to back it up. Check with me for specifics but I cannot think of a signal function that iPhone does that Android on the N1 (other phones like the droid and click are underpowered) cant do.

hit me up with more questions,
-Dan (http://twitter.com/danielzrob)

Michael said...

@ Mindy - Thanks for the comment! Don't worry about the iPhone rec, you're 100% right, we were all fooled in the same way. I'm almost positive that I'll stay away from the G1, but if my contract had run out a year ago, I would have jumped on that phone with no hesitation at all.

@ Dan - Thanks for all the great words. Just a quick reply here and then I'll hit you up on the Twitter-verse. To be honest, the apps are not a huge deal to me. The only apps I use regularly are my ESPN ScoreCenter as well as basic Twitter and Facebook apps.

I've loved everything I've heard about the N1, except for my original qualm over the lack fo a hard keyboard. (Also, there were some lag reports when it first dropped, right?) I'm leaning pretty hard that way for now, but am anxious to explore some options as well. Thanks for the comment!

Dan said...

No lag now, The phone by all reports ( http://blog.7touchgroup.com/2010/01/googlephone-nexus-one-review-android-2-1/ ) the N1 is an ANDROID POWERHOUSE.

As far as the soft keyboard, well.. its a soft keyboard.. but the screen is oLED witch is pretty damn cool. (http://www.androidcentral.com/android-phones-screens-compared-which-best)

From all my research the N1 is the best android phone, and if you are able to pry yourself away from iPhone there is really only one option, unless you want less. If you do get it, I expect a full review, I have yet to know one human to have one, just the internet people.

Just saying, the iPhone 3GS is a really nice phone, I like android more, but that's just a personal choice, get ready to get your hands dirty in tweaking if you wanna get the most out of your android phone!


PS: if you do end up with one I can answer all OS related questions and give you a list of cool apps to try out! I will just do a blog entry about it..

Dan said...

ALSO: the N1 now has multitouch

Michael said...

@ Dan - Thanks for the followups. I definitely think I'm leaning N1, I'll let you know if that purchase goes through.