Tuesday, February 16, 2010

more tasks for google.

I'm having trouble with the fact that it's been so difficult to transfer my default/main/head (whatever you want to call it) email address from one Google account to another. Shouldn't this be something that should be super simple? I guess it relates back to the problem that while you can send mail through outside SMTP sources for other mail accounts you cannot do so for your Google accounts. It will always indicate, "On behalf of." Which is silly. They're all from the same servers. Can't we just eliminate that notification? I'm not even sure what purpose it serves.

Regardless, in anticipation of Android-ifying my life, I've been trying to remigrate all of my other accounts to another Google account, so as to both have a fresh start and appear at least a bit more professional. But literally all of the Google services that I use were already set up with email address 1. Which isn't a bad thing, as long as I was willing to take the time to export all my calendar events and re-import them under email address 2. I was impressed with the option to do so, but, honestly, I'm surprised that there isn't some easier way to impose some sort of hierarchy on the various accounts. I know that I'm not the only one who uses multiple Google accounts, and the fact that they allow you to fetch mail and send mail as other accounts shows they know it, too. So why can't we have some kind of realization that all of these accounts are tied together and that people might want to change how they're organized every once in a while.

Bottom line: Google, if accounts are linked in a variety of ways, why not allow the users some kind of hierarchical ranking, wherein we get to designate the master account, but that account can change? Settings, profiles, etc. should (logically) change along with that account, with the option to change things on the Google Account homepage.

Monday, February 15, 2010

just my famous ex-roomie.

Had a chance to chat with my old roommate today, and he pointed me towards this video of he and a friend rolling some paint. I don't know the guy who made the video, but it's got a rad soundtrack, too. Here's to having the day off and enjoying some free time/getting things done.

"Just Another Day" | Mike Giant & Derick Montez from Justin Gallagher on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

android: t-mobile versus verizon.

OK. I'm in the market for a new phone. It's been a long time coming and I've spoken about it before, but it's creeping up even closer and I have to start seriously thinking about it. So, for that, as for most things, I need to turn to the wisdom of the Internet.

I currently have an iPhone. I was excited for the Apple press conference because it was rumored to show off the iPhone 4.0 software. It was rumored that we'd hear the iPhone was coming to Verizon. Neither of these things turned out to be true, so now I'm finally going to be free of my AT&T contract, and there will be virtually no chance that I'll resign. I don't care if the 4.0 iPhone does multi-tasking. I don't care that I'd suddenly be able to send and receive picture messages. I don't care about either of these things because no matter what phone I get, I'll grab that functionality. So it's not a pro-iPhone argument.

What I care about is that I refuse to pay AT&T money any longer. So that pretty much rules out the iPhone. (I know I could unlock, but I'm not sure if I'm willing to go through that.) With that in mind, I really do want my next phone to be an Android device. Besides my comfortableness with Google, I think they're pretty good phones in general (but my uncertainty with specifics is the reason behind this post, so...) and I want to support the open system.

That leaves me with a plethora of options, though. I had T-Mobile's service before deserting them and I've heard nothing but good things about Verizon, so I'm open to either providers. None other than Linus Torvalds just recently had good things to say about the Nexus One. I've been drooling over the Motorola Droid since its release. This doesn't even mention the Devour, the MyTouch, the Dragon, the Legend, the Passion, the Incredible and all the other rumored releases that we don't know enough about yet.

In my last post I mentioned that having a physical keyboard was a big sticking point, but the more I've thought about it, the more I've realized two things: I think I'm on the losing side of that battle, and I might as well just concede that battle now and get myself used to a virtual keyboard. (Although the rumors of a Nexus sequel with a hard keyboard kind of make me want to sacrifice everything else.) Two, no physical keyboard is ever going to match up to my Sidekick II, and I'm bound to be disappointed if I try.

Looking back over my past list, it's fascinating to see the way the list of what I"m looking at has changed in a mere six months. And I know that's usually going to be the case. Which is why, as a last note, I'm thinking that I'm eventually going to have to either just pay full price for a phone, avoiding the contract, or settle into the idea of paying Early Termination Fees.

Any ideas from anyone with an Android phone would be welcome, but, of course, I'm more than willing to hear feedback from anyone, regardless of Android ownership.