Monday, January 25, 2010

triple alley oops?

For some reason, I was watching football yesterday, and as the Vikings took a timeout, the announcers said, "It'll be first down, Vikings, when we come back." And even though I know better, I immediately started thinking outside the normal boundaries: what if there were some kind of radical rule change where you could waste one time out, and get a free first down?

I know, I know: ridiculous.

But it really got me thinking. I'd love to get some ideas along these lines on ridiculous radical rule changes in basketball. Let me preface by saying that I don't think these things will ever happen, nor do I really think they should. But I think it's fascinating to think about how some of these ideas would radically alter the game as we know it now.

Some of the things that have been suggested to me:

*Allow baskets to be scored from out-of-bounds plays. The player inboundsing the ball could directly throw it into the hoop and it would count.

*Transform the game into Slamball! (Yeah, this was a joke, but I think it's worth including.)

*Shots launched from behind the half-court line count as four-point buckets.

*Get rid of the offensive three-second rule.

*Get rid of the defensive three-second rule.

*Implement the five-second close-guarding rule that's present in all other levels of basketball. (And seriously, why isn't this in the NBA?)

Shout out with some of your own ideas.


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I believe my idea is the best because it is CRAZY and would change the game but it wouldn't be that difficult to adjust to.