Monday, January 18, 2010

complaining about google.

First of all, I think I'm disappointed. I'll reserve final judgment until I've played with one myself, but...

That's not the point of this entry, though. Google, I've got some words about your Calendar function that I've really got to get off my chest.

Google Calendar wants to be my main calendar. I can tell this because I am a frequent Google user, and there are widgets available for my iGoogle page, for my GMail page, and even for this blog. I can share my calendar with anyone I want (a super useful function for those I want to be able to stalk me) and I can get my Google Calendar on my phone, either synced (through push) via Exchange, synced through my tethered connection to my computer, or on the mobile page for GCal. I can even get an email sent to me that lists all the events on my calendar, early in the morning, so that, when I check my email upon waking, I can get this refresher.

These things are all useful. They also encourage me to use one more of your services and shine a little more light on my privacy for you to suck up.

Lastly, there's this really cool function where I can subscribe to other calendars, like my contact's birthdays (based on dates that I myself input) or Lakers games or Gonzaga games, etc. It's awesome!


Google will only put the events from my calendar into/onto all of those amazing options I listed above. So, if I get up in the morning, I check my email, and my calendar lists work and basketball practice. If I check the mobile site, it lists work and basketball practice. If I check my iPhone's calendar (push-synced to my GCal) it only lists work and basketball practice. So when I get home from basketball, I start making dinner, totally forgetting that I'd wanted to flick between the Lakers game and the GU game.

It's not that I want to be a slave to my schedule, or to my phone, or even to basketball, but if Google is going to put these options out here, there's got to be some kind of way to opt in to the other calendars. Otherwise, why would I want to see them on my calendar - they must be something that I want to be aware of!

According to this help thread this is a known issue and, in fact, used to be something that was possible. Why would this functionality be taken away? Moving backwards is not a wise business move.

I'd love to hear any kind of reason, or any ideas when this will make its way back.

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