Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the grammys?

Really, the Grammys are what inspires me to write again? Even I find that tiresome and old. But here I am, doing it anyway. (For what it's worth, I have an entry all but published on how a real basketball maverick/genius would just say, "Fuck the two-pointer. Shoot nothing but threes." But it needs some editing. How about if I promise it before the end of next week?) Anyway, the Grammy nods just dropped and Twitter is all ablaze about it - or, at least, my feed is, since mine is devoted to basketball and rap music. And my hometown.

Anyway, here's the official link, you can scroll down (almost halfway through!) to Category 31 to see the individual Rap nominations. Wow. It's a list.

Jay Smooth made a comment on Twitter saying that four of the five songs, in the clips shown on the Grammy selections, were sung as opposed to rapped. I think he called it correct when he said that it was a sign of the times, but I also think that, overall, these songs are pretty good. (Why am I even trying? I hated most of rap this year. Also, to be fair, he hit me back to clarify my misreading of his original tweet.)

Cudi's "Day 'N Nite" was the best thing about a disappointing album.

Drake's "Best I Ever Had" somehow convince everyone that So Far Gone was a Rap album when, in fact, it was a R&B album. It was a good one, at that,'s not a rap album. That's not to say he's not a good rapper, he's decent, but this is not a rap song, nor is the album rap at its core.

"Casa Bey" isn't even close to the best track on The Ecstatic! I don't get it because I don't listen to the radio; was it a single? I mean, we can't get "Life in Marvelous Times" or "History" or something else from a pretty good swing?

Em's "Beautiful" got a lot of press after the album it came from got soundly thrashed on the blogs, but I never got why there was the fixation. I mean, sure, it's good, the video was a nice tribute to his town, especially at a time when Detroit kind of needs that (although it could be said that it's more like too little, too late) but the song's just all right. It's certainly not the best Eminem song (verse?) that we got this year.

That leaves the Jigga man. I hope that I've made my feelings on Blueprint 3 known. If not, let's just say underwhelming is an understatement. However, I haven't hear a single argument all year against "DOA." The song is a banger, it spoke a truth that needed to be said, and it was as hard as Jay's gone in a long while.

Rap song of the year. Undoubtedly.

And then there's the Rap Album of the Year category. God, after expending all that energy defending music that truly didn't move me, let me just say that if Q-Tip doesn't win this category, I will honestly, truly never care enough to pay attention to the Grammys ever again. The only true competition is Mos Def's The Ecstatic's not close. That's it. I'll be back.

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