Monday, December 7, 2009

continuing a bad policy.

As per my normal position, I'm here to complain a bit about copyright law as currently enforced in the United States. I don't know, but it's always just seemed like a kind of bad idea to sue the people who are your normal, paying customers. (As a sidenote, I laughed a lot when I saw this video, which reminded me of the circumstances a bit - there are always cheating people, right?)

So the crux of the story seems to show that in an overlap between legal and illegal activity, the illegal one has precedence. While I agree with the legal concept of ignorance not leading to innocence, one really has to question an approach where this is the end result.

Also, a major GAAAAASSSSS FACE to CNN for their title of the article: "'New Moon' Taping May Put Woman in Prison." While it kind of describes the article, I'd love it if we could get a little bit of the reality of the situation in the description - how about adding the word inadvertent or accidental, or something else?

Last but not least, I'm shocked that there hasn't been a call to the police department yet: the lady spent two days in prison? Why?? Surely bail can be set a bit more quickly for a non-violent offense, not even thinking about the circumstances! The whole story just smacks of over-reactionism and the poor business model of the MPAA, the theory of zero tolerance (when it comes to anything) and a seemingly poorly run police department in the city of Rosemont.


ancora imaparo said...

Lord funny!

Brian said...

Copyright is horrible. Intellectual Property (IP) is a bad idea. Boo.

I need you to post your top ten songs of the 2000s plz.

Do it.