Tuesday, October 13, 2009

skynet - again!

Oh man. I warned you people!

Now the future is trying to send us warnings!

SKYNET is here and it's going to kill us all. (And yes, I'm totally being authentic when I say these sorts of things. More than spiders, more than the dark, my biggest fear is the robots will come alive and kill us all. I know it paints me as a lunatic, but I take cold comfort in the knowledge that when it happens, I'll have one more vindicated, "Eff you all.")

While I agree with the summation of The Grandfather Paradox in the article, I don't think that I agree with some of the physicists' conclusions based on that idea. Yes, it's impossible to go back in time and kill your grandfather. However, that does not mean that it's possible to go back and save him. This is similar to classic fallacies such as affirming the consequent. Just because you can go back but can't kill him doesn't mean you can go back and not kill him - because that's not the way they're phrasing it! We're looking at saving someone who (perhaps) should not have been saved.

All of these vagaries, however, might be missing the point: we think of time as a line, something that's possible to jump back and forth in (or at least some of us do) but there's a lot of proof that it's not really constructed that way.

The question I think about most in my life centers around the fate versus free will and I think this weird juncture of technology, science fiction, and the promise of space-time have brought us (or at least me) to an extremely interesting point in time.

The future is here.

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