Monday, September 21, 2009

things i've heard related to work.

I want to stress that these are rumors. I'm not a guy who knows guys. These are things that I've heard that I want to keep track of, that I'm unsure where else to do so, ergo they're here.

I've heard that next year, all middle schools in Albuquerque will have the same schedule.

I've heard that schedule will be a block one, which will mean less time for my subject, but more time for most of the others.

I've heard that this block schedule increases the likelihood that electives will be a thing of the past in Albuquerque public schools.

I've heard that APS is running out of money faster that anticipated, and will use money that was earmarked for next year to cover the shortfalls from this year.

I've heard that if they do this, the budget for next year will be catastrophically off.

I've heard (for more than ten years) that APS is too big of a school district and that we'll be split in (at least) two.

I've heard that the political battles (mainly coming from the Mayor's office) being waged over control over APS are reaching new highs.


I'm working on assimilating all these thoughts into an opinion on something having to do with my work and the political climate in the city. But for now...they're just things that I've heard.

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Kyle said...

i've heard a lot of those same rumors...

block scheduling is what we're already on, which works really well for us now...math and lang lit meet every day for an hour and a that may be more time for ya...

and it definitely has the possibility of scratching electives from existence...which sucks for me...

but the few after that i haven't heard yet, but wouldn't be surprised to find out are true...