Monday, August 3, 2009

toms shoes.

This is something I should have heard about before. And I feel like I might have. It got some press from TIME magazine about a year ago. And most importantly, my brother's main lady just bought him a pair.

This seems like a great idea, and a great company. I like the main ideas behind it, obviously, but I like the products, too! The shoes that my brother got look a lot like the Sanuks that we both have, and he says that they're comfy in the same way, too.

But the great thing here is that we get a chance to do good for some other places in the world as well. When my mom got herself an XO computer, one of the largest motivations was their giveaway program. This kind of mix between philanthropy and capitalism is one of the reasons why 21st century America still has the chance to be a world leader, in many ways.

Check out TOMS the next time you're looking for a pair.

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K@ said...

love toms. love xo. you would think that others could jump on this idea....