Wednesday, July 29, 2009

link of the day.

I have absolutely nothing to add to this blog post from Joey over at Straight Bangin'.

This is a lot along the lines of the fear that I was expressing when I wrote about the supposedly magical number of sixty. The problem with Democrats is that we've never been one solid bloc in the way that other parties that seriously run shit have been. Not just American parties, but political blocs from around the world. If we're going to be serious about pushing an agenda, we can't just cave every time some stupid-sounding new group pops up and wants to be the new big bad spoiler. I'm not talking about electing Democrats simply because they're the least bad option! I'm talking about electing people who consider themselves progressives: people who want to advance the cause! People who are proud of civil rights, equal rights, making things better!

Now, seriously, if you didn't click the first link while it was up there, click it now! You've got to read this.

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Dig the look and the content. Keep it rollin!