Thursday, June 4, 2009

on the rapid ride after dark.

Good news for people who like to hit the downtown scene in Albuquerque, but don't relish the idea of either driving drunk, having to deal with all the cars, or walking/biking amongst the infamous cruise line: The Rapid Ride After Dark will begin its annual service tomorrow! This year (have they done this before in the past and I've just missed it?) the city is offering a pass for the RAD (I know, it's a lame acronym) that's only 15 dollars. The passes, obviously, are good only for the After Dark service, which runs from 8 PM to 2:30 AM, Friday and Saturday only. The buses will run this route, though, until September 5, which gives you plenty of time to use that pass. Very cool idea. The only drag is, I went down to buy mine today, and the lady at the Alvarado Transportation Center told me that they didn't go on sale until tomorrow. She was polite about it, no doubt, but I think it's probably a little counter-intuitive to run this program, advertise the passes, and then not put them on sale until the service actually starts. We've never heard of pre-sale, or what? (While I'm complaining, it's a little odd that the service doesn't start until June at UNM have been out of school nearly a month! Let's get this started earlier! But I digress.) The Rapid Ride After Dark is a great alternative method of transportation for heading downtown, even if you're not going to drink: save gas, see some interesting people, and you won't have to deal with the hassles of traffic and finding a place to park. Go pick up a pass and I'll see you on the bus.

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