Wednesday, June 17, 2009

on father's day.

So, I have a complicated relationship with my Dad, which I've written about before. But it's gotten better over the years, and I'm happy where it is. Father's Day is coming up and I've had this card saved for my Dad for a while, so I brought it with me to Pittsburgh and I mailed it off to him and I hope it makes him happy. And then I was browsing, you know, the entire Internets (or just YouTube) and I saw this video and it made me laugh to think about sending it to him. First of all because he doesn't understand really how to even turn on a computer, much less how to utilize the Internet in order to check his (non-existent) email account and get this from me. Secondly, I'm not really sure the humor is up his alley.

But as I reflected upon it even more, I realized that I now have more than one Dad in my life. Not in the literal sense, of course, since I'll only ever have one Dad who helped make me, but rather...I know someone whom I love who's a Dad! It's weird to think of him that way, but it's part of who he is now, and it's so integral to his identity now. Brother Jah-Wah! He's a daddy! His little boy, Tiger, born in October, will be getting his own YouTube video soon, or so I've heard, but in the meantime, I can think of no better Dad in my life to whom I'd like to dedicate this video. I've often told my older sisters that they're such cool parents, that their kids are going to have radically different lives, just because of how accessible they are, and how the world's changed. I think Johnny succeeds on that level even more and I'm so envious of my nephew Tiger who gets to grow up with such an awesome Dad! Here's to you. Happy Father's Day.

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