Wednesday, April 15, 2009

on hot fuzz.

Two nights ago, the Lakers hadn't played their final game yet, but they weren't playing that night, so I thought, "Hell, why not put on one of my Netflix movies?" I cooked myself some dinner, (playing the movie while I was cooking, it should be noted) and sat down afterward, with some food to watch what was going on.

It wasn't that I was lost. It was that the movie was bad. I didn't enjoy Shaun of the Dead, which I know is blasphemy to some people, but I just didn't think it was that good. And I guess when I didn't like that, I really should have known better than to put the new one on my queue (BTW, that's pronounced Randall, FYI) but the previews looked so funny! Those previews were a lie.

I get that it was supposed to be an over-the-top exploitation of the genre, what with all the references to Point Break and Bad Boys II, but that in and of itself doesn't get the job done. (It's like at the art show, what I was telling Travis: just a clever title on an uninspiring piece of art doesn't make it good. It just shows that it aspires to be clever. Which isn't something to be aspired to. It's just something to do.) The basic plot concerns the too-effective Sgt. Angel who's moved from London to the safest village, ostensibly because he's making everyone else look bad.

This basic skeleton has a lot of promise, especially when he arrives in the village and discovers (shocker!) that things are not what they seem.

But the movie seems to be too caught up with the idea of disguising the obvious moves that it makes - never a good idea when the big reveal will be that those obvious moves were, in fact, the story thread we should have been paying attention to all along. Red herrings only work if we're going to get a twist. If you're going the route we all expect, why not just fully indulge?

Maybe some of it is me. I've never cared for Monty Python either (sacrilege, I know) so perhaps I just don't care for British humor.

All said, though, Hot Fuzz falls flat and I won't put their next one (do they already have one?) on my list, no matter how funny it looks.

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