Monday, December 1, 2008

on black friday.

Black Friday's gotten a lot of press the last few years as the worst shopping day ever...or the best, depending on your point of view. Personally, speaking as someone who worked at the mall for a few years in my teenage life, I never found the day after Thanksgiving to be nearly as bad as the day after Christmas. Regardless, there's definitely room for the day to be talked about, not just as a hellacious shopping day, but also as the traditional start to the season of shopping, the beginning of the end of the year, and the first day (at least to me) where it's appropriate to start marketing Christmas. (Although, to be honest, in an ideal world, wouldn't we really never "market" Christmas? I mean, if you're a Christian, it's about the birth of your savior. How does buying a ton of presents help out with getting into Heaven?

Regardless, there's been some unfortunate news from this Black Friday and it's unquestionably sad, but I'm truly shocked that anyone is shocked. Isn't this kind of...old hat at this point? And I'm not trying to minimalize anyone's death, but... You know what they say.

I guess the real problem is, to me, that this ever happens in the first place. Maybe that's why I seem a little uncomfortable with expressing it as the apex of tragedy now. Because it's happened before, and because I see such strong problems with the whole idea, I'm having trouble seeing the tragedy in this particular example. (Does that even make sense?)

Here's the bottom line, to me: If we didn't have such a spend-spend-spend culture that was fixated on camping out the day of Thanksgiving, when people should be spending time with their family! so that they could get a good deal on something that they may or may not even really need (but they want it soooooo bad!) I think things would unquestionably be better.

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Brando said...

Wow, that is fucked up, what a miserable night that must've been. And who regulates those crowds anyway? What happens if I erect a tent in front of your at night. Ridiculous, ET and I put a cap of $100 for christmas this year, it makes you more creative when you can't buy something big and stupid that probably won't be used all that much. Part of my financial fitness thus far has been to reject consumerism, whatever it is, I really don't need it.