Thursday, November 6, 2008

on ulysses.


I've never cared much for Franz Ferdinand, to be honest. I think they're just all right, they made some great pop music that I like to scream along to, but I didn't think of them in very rarefied light. They were just another foreign band, doing their part to rock out in a clever way.

However, this news about their new album, and particularly, a contest with the new single which is going to be called "Ulysses" (which is a bold thing to do, to title your single after the greatest book written) is convincing me that I might have to take another look at them.

Taken from the write-up at Prefix, "the band has made some remix stems of the track available on the popular Beatport website. The Beatport stems allow fans to remix the track before actually hearing what the finished version sounds like." The article continues to say that the winner of the contest will be awarded 500 Euros, and have their version of the song released.

What a great idea! This is part of that future-wave that we're currently trying to figure out how to ride, and I applaud all innovative moves like this one.

You can find the two stems here at Beatport. They're pretty basic, so the remixing will have to be semi-intense, but I can't imagine that we'd really want it any other way, right?

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