Monday, November 10, 2008

on thinking blue.

For just over four years I've had this little blue band. I never took it off. I wore it on my right wrist and, fortunately for my sense of balance, at the Green Day concert, I got a white One Campaign band to match.

However, it was always my intention to take this band off once I'd done my job Thinking Blue. And as it's now my understanding that I've done that job, I'm rewarding myself.

While researching for this one, I found out that there was, apparently, a little drama with the whole Think Blue campaign; when isn't there, right?

The whole point, however, is that dedicating a bit of time is almost always worth it.

When I worked for the DNC four years ago, I dedicated a lot of time. I worked for John Kerry even though he wasn't really the man I believed in - he was the better choice. That doesn't always have to be a bad thing. People like Ralph Nader have made their recent careers over telling us that it's wrong to make the choice of the lesser of two evils - but it doesn't have to be. We don't live in a world of absolutes. We don't always have to be perfect. We just have to be good enough.

Four years ago, my friends and I weren't. So when we suffered this loss, I went out and bought us all these bracelets so that we could have a reminder on our wrists of what we were working for over the last four years. Although I don't talk to all of the people that I bought bands for, I know that something good came of the fact that I did.

Now it's four years later. We've done good work for four years. There's more to come. Just because he made it doesn't mean he gets a free pass. Let's be vigilant.

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