Thursday, November 20, 2008

on the seattle supersonics.

So let's chat for a while about the Seattle Supersonics. I think it should be painfully obvious for anyone who knows me (and thus who reads this blog) that I'll be following in The Sports Guy's footsteps and refusing to call them by their new official name. Boo. I really don't even have a soft spot for the Sonics, per se, (I mean, Gary Payton is one of my least favorite NBA players in the history of the Association!) but there's a lot more at play here.

I'm not going to get into all the stuff that was in play at this moment, mainly just because it's been so well-covered already in other places. The plight of the Sonics and their theft from Seattle is not what I'm here to discuss.

Instead, I want to ask a serious question:

Why are the Sonics so bad? Seriously, I mean...they're terrible.

It's not like they're an expansion team in their first year. That kind of suckage is totally explicable - and to be honest, expected. But that's not the case with these Sonics.

They have a kid that some people are fairly obsessed with - and for good reason! They have two ex-Bruins and they have Collison from Kansas! They're coached by P.J. Carlesimo! (Whom I feel bad for, by the way, through all of this. Imagine being up in Seattle and being forced to endure all of this...)

The '72-'73 Philadelpha 76er's went 9-73 which is the lowmark for a single season in the modern NBA. I'm truly curious as to whether these Sonics will fall lower than that. If they do, how will people in Seattle feel? Vindicated? Infuriated? It's just a terrible situation. It's a sad, sad day for the NBA to have this poor action diluting what is shaping up to be an otherwise stellar season.

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