Wednesday, November 5, 2008

on the heavenly virtues.

Faith, Hope and Love are the three Heavenly Virtues. There are different interpretations of which one's the 'most important' and what order they go in, in general.

However, herein lies my take:

Love is easy. Falling in love with someone is one of the easiest damn things in the whole world to do. I mean, seriously, we've talked here previously about how we can even fall in love with the 'wrong' person, about how we don't have control of it, etc. Love is easy. Sure, true love, where you find your soul mate and you stay happy with them forever is pretty rare, and even if it does happen, I'm not saying it's a walk in the park, I acknowledge that it takes work. But with all these things being said about it, I think it has to be clear that Love, while an amazing thing in and of itself, is the least of the Heavenly Virtues.

On the next hand, there's been a lot of talk recently about Hope. Hope is amazing. I'm not here to disparage any of these genuine emotions/feelings. Believe that. Hope can sustain a person. Hope can give someone who feels they have nothing something to live for. Hope can resuscitate a person. Hope is an incredible high. Hope can deliver promise.

However...hope is merely that. Hope. That means that you hope it'll happen. Hope, to me, implies a lack of trust. A lack

Faith, on the other hand, is perfect in my eyes. This is a big part of why I still maintain a strict religious presence in my life. I think that Faith gives my life some element, some intangible, wherein there is less of a chance for someone to control me. Faith means that, while I value reason, and I think of myself as a reason-based creature, there are some things that I accept simply because I accept them. I accept them based on faith.

I have faith in humans. I think that we are good, by nature. I think that to think otherwise is foolish. There's so much evidence, some of which I might get into later. But the bottom line for me is that Faith is the tops when it comes to the Heavenly Virtues.

You can easily fall in love with an idea. Then you can hope that it'll work out. And all the while, you should be working to make it so. But at some point, you have to acknowledge that it might be out of your hands. You have to have faith that something good will happen if you've worked hard enough for it. It's not enough to love something, it's not enough to hope for it, some things require a deep faith.

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Brando said...

What are you alluding here to my dear friend? I agree with you on Love, and on Hope (doesn't do much). I indeed also have faith, just not in a religion, you can faith in things without a god.

In addition, although I recognize your religious beliefs, I would hardly call their presence "strict". It's present for sure, I would call it 'convenient' instead.