Thursday, October 2, 2008

on rickrolling.

By now, almost everyone on the planet knows about Rickrolling. Rickrolling is a proud point in the history of Internet trickery but I was proud to say that I'd never been rickrolled. (Mainly, probably, because I don't troll a lot of message boards and I don't do much chatting anymore.)

Then the debates happened. So, while watching the debates with some fellow teachers, we were discussing the SNL skit with Palin and Clinton. And I noticed this other one that was extra long. So I was psyched to see some of the extras! But it turned out to be my first rickrolling experience. Hooray for me.

So why report on an already-ancient Internet prank? Because I can't help but be reminded by this whole thing of a trick we used to play at GU that was happening at many other colleges around the country at the same time, presumably. Seriously, we used to chat it up and disguise those links (remember the code-changer that seemed like such a huge deal [for those of us who didn't at that time know HTML] that was included in that beloved-hack DeadAIM?) at least five times in a half an hour! And everyone always had their speakers on full blast, so you'd just hear this bumping from some random guy's dorm room and it made (and still makes) me laugh so much! (In researching for this entry, I must have clicked through to the page and let it play at least twenty times. I'm a sucker, what can I say?) The need to get revenge on someone who'd gotten you often rose to an unfathomable level.

I love the way that things go in cycles. I'm firmly convinced that one of the reasons the remix culture gets so much "new" play every few years is because people forget about it. I mean, seriously, think about how much Moby ruled the world for a while. It's insane.

Be ready for the inevitable rise-again of gangsta rap.

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