Monday, September 8, 2008

on judas.

Once upon a time, there was a nice President. He ruled over a time of prosperity, and lots of people liked him but some people were very, very pissed off that he got a blowjob in the office. He lied about it, too. So that was kind of bad. His Vice-President, though, was a really, really smart guy, if kind of boring. So, when the nice President's term ended, most people assumed that the transition would run smooth from the nice guy to the boring guy. No one counted on...well...W.

Al Gore, the fairly nice, kind of boring ex-Vice-President (who would later prove to not only be really, really smart but extremely "In Your Face!" right about things that he'd long insisted were important), however, made a really, really bad mistake in choosing his own Vice-President. He chose a guy that some people liked a lot, but that even more people disliked intensely. (Want proof? He couldn't even keep his Democratic seat...without cheating!)

Joe Lieberman is now, and has always been, a gigantic Judas. He is literally half the reason why I held my nose as I voted for Al Gore. (The other half, for what it's worth, was Tipper Gore and her PMRC.) The Democrats have run away from most of the issues that got them elected in such sweeping fashion in the 2006 elections, and now say that Liberman's words at the RNC "might" endanger his position as the chair of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. It's important to keep reading that article after that pull-quote, though, too, because it's worth noting that, when asked in May if this would happen, Harry Reid said no.

The Democrats have tolerated this Judas for too long! I am fully aware of the fact that the DLC used to be important and that Bill Clinton's Presidency is widely considered to be a success, and that our majority in the Senate as it is right now is the slimmest of slim margins. However, those facts do not mean that the public will be endeared to a Party that is afraid of action! We can still be the Party of Peace, the Party of the Civil-Rights Movement, the Party of Equality, while rattling a saber or two of our own! The two are not mutually exclusive.

Joe Lieberman has no place in the Democratic Party.

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Brando said...

Yeah, let's expunge him. I don't know how we go about doing that. That guy is a douche's douche, and has no place in politics. He's a professional panderer who apparently dislikes black people so much that the dark side was a better idea (albeit the ironic side because of its color association). Yes my friend, I share your plight.