Thursday, August 7, 2008

on woxy. is an Internet radio station that I believe I've mentioned on here at least once previously. It's extremely worth your time to click that link, head on over, and listen to the station for a while. Every once in a blue moon, I'll forget my iPod at home while I'm working and it's only Woxy that's saved my life at those times. They play a great range of music and I've departed every single listening experience with at least one band that I'm interested in checking out. The reason I like them more than Pandora? Well, I really don't have one... Other than to say this: I like the idea that there's humans over at Woxy who are interested in music, in the way we relate to it, and the way it relates to us. I like that experience. I like the broad variety. I like that I don't love every song. Pandora is great, don't get me wrong, but I always feel cheap after I listen to my custom-station over there. It's fun, but it's not...authentic. That's just to me.

This could easily have been a link of the day post, with how short it's turning out to be, but I don't have that much more to say. Other than to share this quick personal anecdote regarding Woxy and why I'm posting on them now:

I was listening to the station the other day at work, and I heard a song from one of their Lounge Sets - specifically the National. I immediately fell in love with the particular version of the song that they played and I knew that I had to have it. I set about to scouring the site to see if there was someone I could get in touch with regarding buying that particular version. Upon my examination of the site, I found this backlog of all the Lounge Sets where you're able to download the songs! Good enough on its own, but when I went to write them a quick e-mail, congratulating them on being in the right place insofar as digital media goes and availability, etc. I really just thought it'd be one of those little pieces that you get that make you feel good. But lo and behold, a mere eleven minutes later I had a personalized response from the Program Director of the station!

It just reminds me of the olden days (which I wasn't even, in fact, around for) when things seemed a little more connected. I'll never get that from Pandora.

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Brando said...

Word, I love me some woxy, it's where I found Why?'s Song of the Sad Assassin which is totally awesome. Pandora sucked balls for me, it didn't really recommend anything other than Alkaline Trio.