Tuesday, August 12, 2008

on texting for change.

The announcement came Sunday on e-mail and was being reported early Monday: you can sign up to have Barack Obama's team text message you the Vice-Presidential choice. It'll happen before the convention in Denver, which is on August 25 (BTW, we've talked about going...anyone still interested?) which leaves only a bit of time.

If you haven't already signed up over at Obama's cool site you really should. Not only is his campaign a different sort of one, but they're fully utilizing tools that people like Howard Dean only dreamed about when he started tapping into the so-called netroots.

I've said this before and I'll continue to claim it, but it really is astonishing and breath-taking to have a candidate like this in my lifetime. I was truly worried that we'd never get one, that America, as a whole, was kind of over this whole sort of thing. And I know there's been bad things happeneing with the campaign lately (or not so lately) but I have faith. Faith that this guy is smart. Faith that he knows what it takes to win and is willing to do that...for now. Faith that the same things that drove him to the same kind of experimentation (not just the drug use that everyone fixates upon, but the social, governmental and personal) that many of my friends (and myself!) have gone through will carry him through this election, perhaps winded, but ultimately in a position to do more good.

So go ahead; buy in! Text 'VP' to 62262 to keep yourself in the loop. You can also sign up via e-mail at his site and I would encourage you to do so, one or the other, or both. This is a new kind of message, being delivered in a new (not to say innovative, I'm actually surprised it took them so long to capitalize on this sort of semi-invasion) way; you owe it to yourself to have some good stories to tell about this election where we have the possibility to actually affect some real change. Be a part of it.

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