Wednesday, August 13, 2008

on jocking jay-z.

So, Jigga dropped his new single the other day and it's hot. The beat is banging, the hook is ill, and the verses are...just all right. Y'all know I'm on the Jay-Z train, but even I won't front and say these lyrics are the best of all time.

But cop it regardless, because we all know that when Jay spits, it's bound to be good. His albums are consistently great. This one's going to be called The Blueprint 3 and will be produced mainly, if not solely, by Kanye West. I can seriously think of almost no better news. I'm psyched!

But the real best thing about this song...? It'll get people back into Run-DMC! The hook is jacked from a classic track off Raising Hell and if you don't you know! (And don't accuse him of biting again. It's acknowledged! I mean, unles you don't get it when he says, "Whose house?")

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R said...

Have u seen Jay's "American Boy"?