Monday, August 11, 2008

on dreams.

Last week Brother Two texted me to tell me that he had had a dream the last night wherein he met Xzibit and they were talking about Aaron McGruder. Yeah, bizarre, right?

Anyone who knows me well knows that I'm pretty fascinated by dreams. I love the movie Strange Days and I've been known to question lil' Andy when (how soon) we'd be able to have toys like they do in that movie; when will we be able to record dreams (and/or even reality) and play it back as a realistic experience? How trippy would that be? Additionally, how much of a job market would then arise for the power of luicd dreaming? To be able to control these incredible events that other people could, subsequently, experience? It'd be superhuman!

Back in high school, when I was dating a girl who fantasized at that time of becoming a poet (but now is a's that for poetic justice?), she gave me a book called 10,000 Dreams Interpreted. It's a pretty cheese-tastic book, filled with the type of crap you'd expect from a New Age-y title like that, but it definitely made a mark on me. Whenever I hear about crazy dreams or, is more likely the case, have one myself, I consult the book. However, between the time of my hearing about, or experiencing, the dream, and looking it up in the book, I've usually thought about the dream a lot. I've usually settled on a meaning for myself. And so, when I read the vague allusions in the Dream Book, I'm almost always unhappy with those 'answers'.

When I hear about interesting dreams (and, to be honest, they're almost all interesting to me), I always ask, "Hm, what do you think that says about you?" I think these things are incredible reflections of our subconsciousness. I think they're manifestations of something that we want but we're afraid (for various reasons) to verbalize. And, somtimes, I think they're just nonsense, signals that have gotten crossed from various sources over the course of the day. But, no matter what, I think they're always worth thinking about.

The next time you have an insanely crazy dream, share it with someone! The more voices that you encounter when it comes to any various subject, the more likely you are to hear something that makes sense regarding that thing. Keep in mind, however, that just like the dreams themselves, sometimes all that talk will just translate to noise. No one knows you better than you.

It takes a bit of meta-analysis, but I think we could all use a little more of that. And thinking about what's happened, reflecting on your day, on your true emotional state regarding what's happened and what's happening...well, that's important. People in general would benefit if they did it with more regularity. Dont' be afraid of real thinking; this isn't high school anymore, the smart kids don't get punished. Think about the authenticity of any given situation.

Ugh. This got away from what I wanted it to really be about. It turned into a screed on popularity vs. thinking, which isn't the point. The point is this: dreams are interesting, at least to me. I'd encourage us all to think about them a little more. Spend a bit of that time in the shower in the mornings thinking about what that last dream really meant. It's worth it.


Andrew said...

I guess I just want to meet Xzibit? I don't even really listen to him. Maybe I want to meet Aaron Mcgruder. That'd be pretty down.

Michael said...

@ andrew: I don't think it means you want to meet Xzibit at all. But meeting Aaron? Maybe. I'd say it's more like a compare and contrast essay in dream form. Xzibit introduces you to McGruder? What's the liklihood of that? Not bloodly likely! But it probably says something about your attitudes towards their respective archetypes.