Wednesday, July 23, 2008

on josh childress.

As always, when I have something busket-related to talk about Free Darko has done it before me and better. So if that's all you're interested in, go read their piece. However, I think there are more things worth mentioning than they get in to. One of my best friends from GU texted me today to talk about this news with this as the entirety of the text: "Josh Childress is a badazzzz!" (Yes, he has problems with the English language. That's beside the point.) As opposed to this True Hoop piece, I don't think that anyone who really cares about the Association will think of this as bad news.

First of all, competition is good. (And, to be fair, that's mentioned in Henry's post.) Getting someone who's along these lines to stand up and show people that, hey, maybe the NBA isn't the best place to pursue their dreams, is an important development in the League. It's important that the millions of Americans who see this as the top level realize that it might not be, for various reasons, not least of which might be money. However, even beyond that, it's important because this will expand the world-view of people who had previously dismissed the rest of the world and their basketball skills. (How these people could continue to do so after the last couple years in the Olympics and World Championships failure I'm not sure. But these people definitely do exist.)

Josh Childress is a great basketball player. He was an important part of the Hawks that were set to take up the new 'most FD team' mantle. The Hawks won't be the same without him. But, in order to make an omelette, you've got to break some eggs. People often lose sight of the fact that this is not a short-term move. This is not a short-term game. This is not a short-term life. It's not a sprint; it's a marathon.

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