Wednesday, June 25, 2008

on today being the day to get away with it.

Yesterday on Prefix, I saw a link to this Gawker story looking at a new JC Penny ad that totally appears to be promoting pre-marital, teen-aged sex! Wow, right? I'm not sure if we're happy about this or not, but it was certainly something to be observed. Especially if they were going to air this oh, say...anywhere in middle America? You know those people. They don't like sex to be had, much less talked about.

Regardless, in the comments section, we find this re-direct where it's revealed that the whole thing was a hoax but seemingly on a whole new level. It even tricked a judges panel! Pretty good, right? But that gets me to thinking: who sees this and, on a critical level, doesn't at least have the thought, "There's no way this came from them." I mean, this is supposed to be a reputable company. If I was a judge that thought would have to cross my mind.

The commercial in and of itself is well-put together, there's no doubt about that, but there's also not a lot of doubt that you can watch it and keep a straight face. I'm perfectly willing to acknowledge that boundaries have been pushed in the last forty, fifty, sixty years, and that there's a lot of stuff we can get away with nowadays that they couldn't get away with in the past. But seriously?

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