Wednesday, June 18, 2008

on punk festivals.

Some of you may have noticed that I've been posting more than a few links from Prefix Magazine. Well, that's not about to stop.

I was laughing when I read this description of this year's press kit for the Vans Warped Tour because it sure reminded me a lot of me. I'll cop to a lot of the differences (I didn't like punk before 1990 - I was only 8 at that point, so that might have been a little weird) that aren't me, per se, in Jeff's clever little write up, but it struck more than a few chords. This is something that I think about a lot of the time: the way music and our ownership (more on that tomorrow) and our relationship with it has changed. I know guys who are still fanatics about their vinyl collection, but I also teach kids who probably wouldn't know what a turntable was if you put it in front of them. It's an odd thing. It's odd for me to think about those road trips that The Sloot and I went on, out to Arizona, because the Warped Tour didn't come through here (although it technically still doesn't [WTF, Las Cruces?!]). It's odd for me to think about how easy it must seem to the kids nowadays to find some old record that they've been hearing about, when I remember my friends and I, when we were first discovering punk music, back at the end of middle school, traveling to big-box music stores and realizing in horror, "Oh shit! They don't have what we want! What are we going to do?" It wasn't like we could drive, Al Gore hadn't perfected the Internet yet (he'd already invented it, sure, but at this point it was only 'a giant, electric ball'...), we really had no connection to this world. Slowly but surely, however, we made our cracks in it. I remember being absolutely psyched when someone got a new CD, because that meant that we would all immediately make a tape of it.

Music has been a big part of my life for a really long time. I'm very interested in the ways that it's changing and the ways in which people now relate to music, the ways in which it still infiltrates lives and souls. Just because it's changing doesn't mean it's bad. But it sure does make me feel old.

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