Monday, June 30, 2008

on music video renaissance.

It appears as though a lot of people are obsessed right now with The Ting Tings. They have their own Apple commercial, and they're getting a lot of press. Granted, this usually means that I haven't heard anything about them, or that I've read about them, without realizing which song is their. But I finally got a chance to watch the video for the song that everyone loves and...well, I didn't love it. I didn't even really find all that much to remotely like about it.

However, it did strike a chord. It reminded me of the video for the song D.A.N.C.E. by Justice that I was jamming out to a while ago. And then I was browsing Prefix (hat tip) as I'm wont to be doing these days and I see a new favorite band of theirs has released a video that seems to have a lot of the same traits!

And the similarities between these videos got me there a new music video renaissance going on? Has this already been noted and I'm just missing it because I'm getting older? These are really the only three that I've specifically noted in this (what I'll call) nouveau-style, but there are undeniable similarities and trace roots of one of the most famous videos of the last couple years (Michel Gondry's vision for The White Stripes' "Fell in Love With A Girl") in both of these, at least insofar as I can see.

All of this similar goodness spilling over into different works really reminds me of that (all-too-brief) time when some of the best directors in the world were putting out what amounted to, essentially, mixtapes of their work. It was a cool time and I remember going to the video store specifically to rent the Spike Jonze one, just getting a kick out of how innovative these people were and how lucky they were to have contemporaries who not only appreciated them but also pushed their boundaries so consistently.

(I wonder if there's room in here for the Daft Punk 'Hands Video' - I know it's not directed by a visionary or anyone like that, but it sure seems to tap into the zeitgeist.)

Some of you may think that I'm pulling at strings here, but I really think this would be exciting. One of my biggest dreams is to not only be an artist (writer, really. I guess some people would have problems with my qualifying writing as an art, but to those people I but to be an artist who has artist friends with whom I can talk about discuss some of these things that are constantly racing through my head. I envy those people who have found like-minded souls.

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