Friday, June 20, 2008

on fixies and the culture.

Bike riding is a pretty big part of my life, mainly because it's a huge part of my brother's life. You can tell by the videos he makes, the races he puts on, etc. It's super sweet to have an influence like him around, mainly because I was never really into bike-riding before he moved back from Cali. We both got into skating around the time of the third wave (and one of us was a bit more dedicated to riding that wave...) but we didn't really like to do anything together when we were kids. We didn't like each other very much.

That's changed a lot nowadays, and I have to say that I'm extremely proud of my brother and his bike prowess. My favorite thing about his bike-love is the fact that he refuses to be pigeonholed. He rides a fixed gear bike or a fixie but that's not the only thing he's in to. When he put on his Earth Day Relay, part of the race involved using the local bus system. He's not one of those holier-than-thou scenesters who think that it's fixie or nothing.

So I'm psyched to report that in the Albuquerque Journal's article today on fixies, he's not mentioned once. He doesn't need to have his name in the paper as one of the 'creators' of the scene. But you can see him in the slideshow that accompanies the article doing his Johnny thing. Look for him just before the two minute mark.

Oh yeah, and I'd be remiss if I didn't direct you towards this video that takes a humorous look at what skateboard fixies would look like, lovingly shared with me by the BFF.

More to come in the future regarding the Lakers epic collapse (I've been seriously depressed and haven't wanted to address it), flying without ID and the blow that it took recently, a bizarre new trend in music videos that I've been noticing, and an interesting conversation I had on the nature of communication, and how radically different it is between people my age and those who are just barely younger. MySpace really is the devil.

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