Sunday, June 29, 2008

link of the day.

I got a chance to see Wanted at a sneak peek on Thursday night and was going to write about it that night, but still just haven't gotten around to it. I still have this video post that I want to put up. I have this entry starting to germinate in my head about the nature of communication that I alluded to earlier, based on a great conversation that I had. And I also want to talk a bit about the implosion of Free Darko, which was train-wreck-like to watch.

But for today, enjoy this video of Jay-Z performing at Glastonbury, where Noel Gallagher had gone on record as saying that he wasn't really welcome, because Glastonbury has, "a tradition of guitar music." Barring the almost inherently (and impossible to ignore/avoid) racist elements of that statement, I say good job on Mr. Carter on replying in a playful manner.

Click the link here to see the video on the Prefix page.

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