Monday, June 16, 2008

link of the day.

So, being that I'm a semi-mature adult and I pride myself on having a house, a nice car, a real-world ("big boy") job and all that, there are certain aspects of my past that be frank...they sometimes embarrass me. I've never had a problem copping to the fact that I still read and collect comics (to almost an obsessive point, to be fair) but one of the things that Brother One and I laugh about a lot when we tell people stories of our childhood is the extent to which we were obsessed with Magic: The Gathering. I really don't think it's that embarrassing, to be honest, but it's hard to explain to someone who only sees me now how this picture could fit with that.

Regardless, that's kind of a story for another time, but the point here is this: I love Penny Arcade and their newest strip found right here in this link is what I would imagine it would be like if I tried to get back into playing Magic. This is only one of the reasons I could never imagine myself doing so. But it's definitely worth a laugh.

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