Friday, May 16, 2008

on rip offs.

So, I'm watching the NBA playoffs (Cavs vs. Celtics, for what it's worth, go Cavs, not only just to force a game 7, but also because, as a Lakers fan, I'd love to see Lakers vs. Celtics finals, but you know what I'd love more? Seeing the Celtics get knocked out in their predetermined year! Hah!) and I see this B.S. commercial from Taco Bell!

As soon as I see it, I know that something's wrong. Not just something, but I know that this is a blatant rip off. The Sloot and I used to watch this hilarious YouTube video at least ten times a day after one of his best friends recommended it to us. We laughed our asses off, and it's stuck with me for a long time.

Here's that video, where two guys are apparently ordering from McDonald's. I don't know if it's real or not, but it's cool and it made me laugh a lot back in the day. But now, in just another example of big timers ripping off poor, individual artists we have Taco Bell jacking some guys on YouTube. Don't they pay people millions of dollars for marketing? And this is the best they can come up with? Swagger jacking? Pathetic.

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Brando said...

dude, you said rip off, and I'm thinking big budget version of the old, but it looks exactly the same! Just with better lighting! Down to the hat that dude is wearing!

That is fucked, so fucked up in fact, that I left a comment letting those mcdonald's guys know that it happened.