Saturday, May 24, 2008

on pork and beans.

Making its way around the Internets is Weezer's new video for their single from the upcoming Red Album. If the single is any indication, I think we're in for another color-coded treat from Weezer. Yeah, we all loved Pinkerton the best, but no one can deny the fun-times memories of the Blue Album. Anyway, the video is a totally meta look at YouTube. This is the kind of stuff that kids should be studying! It's so rad to see all this self-reference, and I applaud Weezer for getting this style of thing out there: it's clear they're big fans of YouTube and I'm psyched to see that they actually asked more than a few of the semi-famous to star in the video; completing the circle!

This reminds me of Brother Two's video that he used to talk to me about all the time: "The YouTubers" which he saw as a bad thing, but I always thought was a fascinating look at something that is happening in our culture. I wish more academic study was going on regarding this sort of stuff, but maybe it is already and I'm just not aware.

ETA: I can't find this "YouTubers" video right now, but I'll add it when I have a second to scour the site. Sorry. OK, it's there now, check it out.


Brandon said...

hahaha...that was awesome, they even had that shoes guy, way cool.

Anonymous said...

I know many of those video references... I don't know if I should be proud of that or not.