Saturday, May 10, 2008

on poor decisions.

So, continuing my funeral march for the Phoenix Suns, news from says that Mike D'Antoni will be taking over head coaching of the New York Knicks. I understand that lots of people feel a lot of connections still exist between New York (and the Knicks and Madison Square Garden in particular) and basketball. But this is just a poor decision. Why would Mike choose to go there when Chicago is pursuing him so hard as well? The Knicks are a mess! He's not going to be able to change any of that! There's no personnel for him to work with in New York that would fit nearly as well with what we've seen of D'Antoni's coaching style!

All of this leads me to believe one of two things: One) What if we really haven't seen D'Antoni's coaching style? What if that was just something that he tried out over there, but it wasn't really his gig? He played over in Italy, he liked to run himself, but maybe that's not his style, per se. Maybe we'll see something different from him over in NY. And by maybe, really, I mean, we'll have to see something different from him. There's no way these guys are going to run and gun. They need someone who's going to preach to them a little bit about defense. (Which is another much as I like Mike, I don't think he's a very good fit for them either. It's not all about them being a poor fit for him...)

Two) Maybe this is all a ruse? This is the conspiracy theorist in me, but I'd love to be able to believe that Mike's just putting this out there, to get a little more money from Chicago. (And, to be honest, that thought does make me a little sad for D'Antoni. Is money really that important?) I'd love to see D'Antoni coach the Chicago Bulls, as they've always been one of the better storylines in the NBA, and I think the people they've got on that team are a good fit with what I've always assumed was his style.

Mike D'Antoni, the bottom line is that this is a poor decision. Why would you go to New York? It's not good for you.

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