Monday, May 19, 2008

on news and the nature thereof.

So, at this point, I'm once again a little late to this party, as the video this guy made where there's no news has already made the rounds. However, I do want to add my two cents, as usual.

I think this is an interesting experiment for more than the reasons I've read. It's an interesting commentary on how and from where we get our news, but it's obviously so much more than that.

This piece reminds me a lot of the scene in Children of Men where they're at the school and the shot is of the playground and it suddenly becomes so crystal clear why so many people loved this movie: it was for the sound editing! (How often do you get to say that?!) Seriously, though, when I went back and watched this movie a second time, it was remarkable how purposeful the director had made the lack of casual noise. It's because that's where the children take up space, in that white noise that's somehow simultaneously behind and in front of all the things that we normally expect in our days. At night time it's not so prevalent, but in the middle of the day, at the school, it's as clear as it ever could be: this film is haunted by a lack of noise.

This clip of the news is much the same. Not only would we be displaced if we had no news, but the lack of news in and of itself is disconcerting in more than just that way. The news casually fills the space around us, it gives us something to have on in the background just as much as it gives us something to talk about. If there really was a day like this, I predict a rash of suicides.


Anonymous said...

That's fascinating. I'm going to have to watch Children of Men again... what astute observations you always have.


Michael said...

Thanks for the comment Jex! I had to see Children of Men twice to even start appreciating it. Glad to see I've helped some of those cogs move. :)