Friday, April 25, 2008


I know, there's a lot going on in the political world right now but while all this is going on, let's not forget about some of the really important stuff:

Americans are still getting killed by police. Not just any Americans, typically. And not just any police, typically. This is literally unbelievable.

How can any one person unload 31 times and be found not guilty? I mean, 31 shots...oh wait, I forgot, that's not that many.

Why do African Americans keep getting slaughtered by NYPD?

Why are they getting away with it? Mayor Bloomberg previously said the shooting was excessive, inexplicable, and unacceptable. Now, he's trying to put a different face on it and while that frustrates me, I can see why he's doing it. He's got a city to run, he's got an image to protect, etc. These are all respectable reasons for putting out a statement that says we "accept the authority" of an inherently racist system.

Oops, I think that was a bit of editorializing. But seriously, how can one stop from editorializing, from calling a spade a spade when it's so blatantly obvious? I can't help but thinking of Mos Def's classic, "Is there a problem, officer?" "Damn straight, it's called race!" Ask yourself: would these officers have been found not guilty if they'd killed a white man?

Also, a question: what's the deal with the "law" about shooting at a moving car? I've heard different things, and some quick Googling while at work wasn't able to turn up any definitive answers. What's real?


Mindy said...

Whew. Coming from the whitest city in the country, Portland, OR (uh, at least one of the whitest cities) with a history of racial profiling that has been well-documented, I can tell you this case hits home.

In a five block stretch last night, in a city with only a 3% black population - I saw TWO black men pulled over. With at least TWO police cars attending, and THREE to FOUR police officers standing around while one black man got his ticket.

Racism is alive and well in this country.

And it doesn't take much looking around to spot it.

Much Love, Mindy C

PS - Did you watch the video of how long it would take for one man to fire 31 rounds? The fucking guy had to RELOAD!!!

Mindy said...
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Michael said...

Thanks for the comment. I was so upset when I read about this/blogged about it that I took about half of all my 8th grade classes to talk to my students about it. They were pretty much flabbergasted, so I guess that speaks to good things in the future.