Wednesday, April 30, 2008

on running and gunning.

Last night the Phoenix Suns died a terrible, terrible death. It wasn't terrible because it was at the hands of the Spurs, whom I hate, and we all know are a bunch of whiny, cheating bastards, who complain when every single call in a game doesn't go their way. That wasn't it. Really. And it wasn't a terrible death because they got utterly demolished in Game 3, when they should have already felt that their backs were up against the wall. It wasn't even really a terrible death because this was essentially proof-positive that the Shaq trade was a bust.

No, it was a terrible death mainly because it broke FreeDarko's heart. Consequently, the last two posts at FreeDarko have pretty much broken my heart. Even though I'm a Laker fan for life and always will be, and my best friend rooted for the Suns simply to root against me three years ago , I've loved the Suns just as much as the next casual to semi-obsessed basketball fan over the last three to four years simply because of the fun they brought back to the Association. I heard someone (and I'm sure this isn't really all that original) call them "Fun and Gun." That's what they were. They were fun. They brought some much-needed life back to a league that pretty much everyone always says is on the border of stagnation.

And with their fun style, they want a far ways. They never went all the way, though. And now, apparently that's going to cost their coach his job. I can't say that I disagree with it, especially if you look at it from the owner and the GM's point of view. But most of us aren't looking at it from that point of view. We're looking at it from the point of view of fans.

And as fans, last night was the ultimate death of a grand, fun experiment that most of us loved while it was going. But to say that it could keep going is to ignore reality. It's done.

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