Tuesday, April 22, 2008

on revenge.

Henry over at TrueHoop wrote this great column about the happenings on Saturday between David West and Dirk Nowitzki that really got me thinking. I disagree with all of the updates that he's put up, justifying what we all expected to happen. But there's the rub: I expected it to happen, too.

I was furious when Dirk just stood there and took a little tap on the face from David West (David West?!? The guy who's not even a fan-voted All-Star?) and I thought that he should have slapped the hand away at least! If he's not going to do it (which I understand...the Mavs can't afford to lose him, that's for damn sure), his enforcers have to be there for him! Charles Oak never would have let his man get touched like that! Never!

But when I read this column, I really started thinking about why it was that I reacted this way. Why can't it just be simple and two grown men have a little discussion about the game they're playing. Dirk doesn't have to physically beat this guy just to prove the point about this little point. (And it's worth noting that when I watched the numerous video replays of the incident, it really does appear as though West is saying, "One time is okay. But..." and then I can't see his lips anymore. But the point is, he certainly doesn't come swinging at Dirk while saying these things, he's just tying to make a point.) Dirk had a good game. Dirk had some tough defense being played against him, but he gave just as good as he was getting. And there's nothing wrong with that.

But to immediately jump and say that he just should have taken a swing at the guy, just because West touched him? Well, I think that's quite a bit of an overreaction. And I'm glad that Henry wrote that insightful entry to really make me think about these things. I'm sad to see that it didn't affect many people in the way it did me. But that's okay, too.

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