Thursday, April 24, 2008

on the quickness.

Seriously, Lost is amazing, but this Lost-Vivor makes it even better. There's so much that I want to talk about with this new episode, I love this show. However, it's way too late and I've got to get to bed in order to be able to successfully blog about Lost tomorrow. Hah.

Oh, and everyone must look at this: Tracy McGrady taking blame - for everything. This is not by Basketbawful, but he does write for that site and it's always hilarious over there. Check them all out.


Brando said...

Lost was crazy!!! They killed all kinds of pople, locke has alienated himself for shiz. The black smoke monster is apparently summoned in the secret hieroglyphic room. And Sayid works for ben because his wife was killed by whidmore. The island was hijacked by ben from whidmore, who apparently funded the dharma project?!?! I love this giving episodes, but they bring up so many more questions...

Michael said...


You already read Lost-Vivor, right? If not, you really have to keep track of it. He's hilarious. Thanks for the comment. :)