Monday, April 21, 2008

on hope.

Shamelessly stealing this from Straight Bangin' who got it from TPM: this needs to be an Obama commercial! The things that I have against Hillary are not huge issues. I'll be honest: I certainly don't hate the woman. I think she's done good things, and I think she's been proven right time and time again that there was, in fact, a vast right-wing conspiracy that set out to character-assassinate her and her husband. I think you're foolish if you don't believe things like this.

That being said, being picked on doesn't make one well-qualified to be our President. Being there in the White House doesn't either, but I will say that I agree with my mom on some points that she made recently: being there does matter. It matters a lot. You learn by being around people and the things they do. This is the theory of an internship.

I've gotten off-point here. I don't want this to run like a defense of Hillary, because I don't feel like she needs one, nor do I feel like I'd be the guy to deliver one if she did.

However, I certainly don't mean this post (nor anything in this blog, nor anything I say verbally) to attack her character. She's a good person, she'd probably make a decent leader. But when it comes down to self-contradictions that run this deep, how can she justify the way she's running her race, the things she's said, the damage that she's doing to the party, etc.? There's just no getting around that, to me.

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